Vaisnava Siddhanta Through Anecdote

Release Date: 18 August, 2023

The following instructive anecdotes have been uploaded in our categories section.

By clicking on a title you will be directed to the anecdote. 

Anecdotes on the forgetfulness of the soul: 
1. Maya is very enchanting but you can kick her
2. Pure devotee comes to remind the soul 
3. The Prince and the Witch 
4. When good fortune arises 

Anecdote on real intelligence:
5. Pray to Krishna 

Anecdotes on the real identity of the soul: 
6. Jīva is the marginal potency
7. Jiva and its independence
8. How does the jiva know which one to choose?
9. Why Jiva forgotten his real identity and how to get it back?